Monday, 16 March 2015

For a Baby Goat. And for Kate, Who's love of Baby Goats knows no bounds.

When evil kept me awake in my bed
And suffering howled through my veins, like a foul wind.
I rose to find you, baby goat.
Just now discharged upon the earth, a mucusy jewel of life,
all skin n’ bones n’ floundering brightly.
Held in peace, the hum of a farm's biorhythm.

You are the gravity that bends light around distant stars.
The old brass key that fits no door. The stumbling block.
Hungry bleats of vulnerability,
legs like twigs that tremble with life.
The problem in this world is not evil, but goodness!
Your infantile innocence defiantly contradicts.  
Contradicts the genocides, homicides, terrorism, racism, greed and pollution,
that cast the Earth's dark shadow.
These evils makes sense, a thread connects them
and weaves through every broken human heart.
But you do not make sense little goat, filled with light.
You have come from nowhere and suddenly you are there
Shivering and sublime among the thorns and wild flowers,
Unashamedly existing.
Adorable eyes daring me not to hate, daring me not to fall into despair.

You are licked clean, baptized in a mothers love.
And off you wander, to sniff a flower, trip on a pebble
And be a light to the world.
Baby goat, just born.

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